Time passes and on its way it freezes moments that transcend; moments in which the past and the present converge in the magic of the unexpected. And so, the spirit of the time recovers life in spaces that envelop the senses and evoke the essence of who made them unforgettable.

Sensations and spaces that captivate in the intimacy and exclusivity of Santo Cristo, a former hacienda of colonial style with more than 300 years of history since its construction; considered by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) as a historical monument.

Originally ex Hacienda Santo Cristo was part of what is currently the El Cristo subdivision, but it was during the Mexican Revolution that was divided with the construction of the road, giving the name to those heroes of "El Cristo chico".

For a long time, the Hacienda was abandoned and remained in ruins, until it began its reconstruction, which lasted three years and was done under the guidelines of INAH. Each wall of the Hacienda is carefully decorated with stone, bricks and volcanic stone, recreating its original appearance.

From the Viceroyalty to the present, its walls and corners full of magic intertwine in a fascinating way to narrate your stories and conquer the moment.